Health Check-ups - FAQs

Health Check-ups - FAQs

Q. Why Regular Health Check-ups are Important?

  •   Find problems or diseases before they start and show signs or symptoms.
  •   Diagnose diseases early resulting in early start of treatment thus increasing chances of cure.
  •   Help you to take steps to live a longer and healthier life.

Q. What are the Components of a Health Check-up?

Physical examination including

  •   Measurements of height, body mass index (BMI), blood pressure, pulse, temperature, respiratory rate.
  •   Head, eye, ear, nose and throat check-ups
  •   Examination of neck, lungs, heart, abdomen, extremities, skin.

History and Other Details

  •   Medical history
  •   History of present illness
  •   Past history
  •   Past surgical history
  •   Social and family history
  •   Immunization history
  •   Current medications and allergies


  •   Laboratory tests
  •   Radiology/imaging investigations

Consultations and Counselling

  •   Based on review and assessment of health status, appropriate consultations and counselling including recommendations for preventive care are offered.