Why choose BAGH?

Bhailal Amin General Hospital has been the hospital of choice for Non-Resident Indians when they return to India for their annual holidays as well as international patients opting for receiving care in India.
BAGH offers a state-of-the-art health care facility that is comparable to major health care institutions in the region
International patients have a different set of requirements, both in terms of the kind of check-ups they go in for as well as the environment. We are sensitive to these needs and are geared up to cater to these
BAGH is one of the most spacious and green hospitals in the region. There’s enough space to relax, unwind and recuperate…something that patients appreciate
BAGH is a multi-specialty tertiary care hospital and therefore is equipped to handle emergencies and polytrauma effectively
The cost of living in Vadodara is significantly cheaper as compared to Mumbai and New Delhi, a major factor when it comes to health care.
Commuting within Vadodara is easy, so those attending to patients are not inconvenienced and can concentrate on providing the emotional support to patients, during their stay here.