BAGH has a fully functional Blood Bank established with an endeavor to modernize blood banking effort and save lives of many in need. It’s one of the finest blood establishments in the region.

Blood bank caters to all patients. We receive blood from a large number of donors every year. This goes a long way in supporting the lives of several patients who need blood urgently.

BAGH maintains strict quality control measures for the blood bank and ensure the right blood type is supplied after thorough testing. The blood collected from donors is split into various components packed red cells, fresh frozen plasma, cryo depleted plasma, platelet concentrate, single donor platelets and cryoprecipitate. There is a constant effort to encourage and motivate donors to donate blood at our blood bank. Not only this, we conduct blood donation drives and camps from time to time to voluntarily collect blood from donors. In times of natural disaster or any other crisis in the city, we strive to reach out and help any citizen who maybe in urgent need of blood for survival.

A team of dedicated experts are responsible for the storage of blood product and proper testing to reduce the risk of transfusion related events. BAGH is a Government-certified centre for Voluntary Blood Donation. We offer a 24 X 7 service to patients needing blood product.

BAGH has excellent infrastructure required for collection, storage and fractionation of blood and blood products like;

  •  Pack Red Cells
  •  Frozen Plasma
  •  Fresh Frozen Plasma
  •  Platelet Concentrate
  •  Apheresis unit for isolating Single Donor Platelets, Plasma Pheresis and Bone Marrow Transplants.
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