Inpatient Services

BAGH has various categories of inpatient rooms for patient hospitalization and is equipped with the state of the art facility for an convenient stay manned by some of the experience staff to look after your every critical need and care during your illness for faster recovery.

Admissions :

There are various categories of rooms available. Front end staff will be able to assist you in making your choice.

In case you have been advised surgery, kindly get the date of surgery confirmed by the consultant .Prior allotment of surgery slot at Operation Theatre is required

The Day-Care caters to patients undergoing short stay surgeries or procedures that do not require an overnight stay (08:00 am to 08:00 pm) in the hospital. All minor, intermediate, major procedures eg. Cardiac Catherisation, Cataract with IOL, Endoscopy etc. can be performed in the Day-Care. For more information, kindly contact your Consultant/Surgeon or Day-Care Admission receptionist on Tel No:

Discharges :

  • Your Discharge Card will be given to you by the floor staff at the time of discharge.

  • The consultant alone have the right to discharge a patient

  • Please surrender the visitors pass at the Billing Department or you will be charged a fine of Rs.200 /-.

  • After the final settlement you will be given a discharge slip in duplicate, one for floor staff & other for the security on your way out.

  • For follow-up appointments with your consultant, please call the hospital numbers.

  • If you have a reimbursement mediclaim policy, you are required to approach the Company directly for reimbursement of your bills for which you will need (i) the final bill, (ii) the detail bill, (iii) the discharge summary. The final and detail bill will be given by cashier on settlement of dues. The discharge card will be given by the ward nurse at the time.

General Information :

  • Our Accident and Emergency department works around the clock. In case of any emergency contact the casualty medical officer on for the ambulance services.

  • There shall be emergency charges applicable for all hospital services and surgeries performed during non-regular hours (Normal working hours are from 8.00 am to 8.00 pm, Monday to Saturday.)

  • The bed charges are calculated from 12.00 am to 12.00 am irrespective of the time of admission.

  • All patients for admission are requested to sign a declaration for payment as per the hospital charges.

  • The service charge on the hospital bills will be levied 15% on the gross bill.

  • Our pharmacy provides all the medicines for inpatients. We do not permit medicines & consumables from outside.

  • Pending reports are to be collected from the centralized reports counter on the ground floor of the BAGH Radiology reception between 9.00 am to 6.00 pm, Monday through Saturday.

  • To help us serve you better kindly spare your valuable time to fill up the feedback form, to enable us to give quality healthcare at Outpatient and Inpatient stay at hospital.

  • Children below 15 years are not permitted at patient areas / bed side

  • Kindly bring the original pass issued during admission, for renewal of additional pass.

  • The Visitor's Pass is "Not Transferable" & if found with any other person then the person whose name is on the pass; the pass will be confiscated & a fine will be imposed.

  • We Strictly follow the NO SMOKING policy within the hospital campus

  • Weapons are prohibited within the premises

  • Treat hospital staff, other patients, and visitors with courtesy and respect

  • Pay for services billed for in a timely manner as per the hospital rules and seek clarification if you have any concern.

  • Be aware that the estimations given are approximate and are likely to change if the treatment plan, duration of treatment/stay or category of bed changes.

  • Respect situations when the medical condition of another patient may become more urgent, respect the doctor’s ability to judge and accept the fact that the Doctor may need to attend him/her first.

  • In case you require any clarification or have suggestions to make or have a grievance or want to register a complaint, please contact the Patient Care at 6359660081 or email to