Modular Operating Complex

For the first time in the state of Gujarat, Bhailal Amin General Hospital introduces Digital Integrated Modular Operation Theatres with 7 Operating Rooms that are on par with some of the best in the country.

The integration enables real-time sharing of images, videos and medical reports, which not only facilitates virtual participation from any location but also helps the rest of the surgical team to monitor the patient closely during the operative procedure, to the benefit and safety of the patient undergoing the surgery.

  • PACS, HIS and video recording integrated for single monitor control by surgeons

  • Each Operating Room has cameras and monitors for doctors to monitor patient parameters and surgical procedures

  • Operative procedures can be transmitted live to various locations within and outside the Hospital

  • Facilities for interactive sessions during operation through live transmission of the procedure

  • State-of the-art engineering techniques to maintain positive pressure within operating rooms along with hepa filters and laminar flow to reduce infections

  • Individual air handling unit for each Operating Room

  • Equipped with Isocentric C Arm

  • High-end Anesthesia workstations with precision delivery of anesthetic gases

  • Spacious Operating Rooms that can accommodate a variety of equipment, both surgical, as well as for ensuring the safety and protection of the patient

  • Stringent Infection Control measures followed under the surveillance of experienced doctors