Patient Rights & Responsibilities

Patient Rights

Right to information :

You have the right to receive information about the name and qualification of your treating doctor, your state of health, possible complications and its prevention, treatment plan, change in treatment plan, use of medications, diet and nutrition, approximate cost of treatment, cost implications in case of change in treatment plan, and how to address any concern that you may have.

Right to consent :

You have the right to give or withhold your consent for any proposed treatment. You have the right to seek second medical opinion before giving the consent. You have the right to refuse consent for treatment under clinical research/clinical trial. You have the right to withdraw your consent at any stage, in writing, if you are part of any clinical research/trial.

Right to Choose/Participate :

You have the right to know all your treatment options and to participate in decisions related to your treatment. You have the right to change the treating doctor or hospital if desired.

Right to Privacy :

You have the right to receive reasonable privacy during consultation, examination, treatment and various investigative procedures. You have the right to have your healthcare information protected. Information concerning ones health and treatment may only be disclosed with your consent, except when required in terms of any law or an order of the court.

Right to Respect :

You have the right to receive appropriate treatment regardless of race, culture, religion, age, gender or physical ability and not to be subjected to any kind of discriminatory abuse, or neglect.

Right to Quality Care :

You have the right to receive medical care in accordance with reasonably expected professional standards of care.

Patient Responsibilities
  • A patient and her/ his attendants have the responsibility to address any concern that you may have.

  • Provide complete and accurate information including full name, address and other information.

  • Provide complete and accurate history and information about your health, including present condition, past illnesses, hospitalizations, medications or any other matter that pertains to your health.

  • Follow the prescribed treatment plan, carefully follow all the instructions given and attend follow up an appointment as requested.

  • Ask questions when you do not understand any detail given by a doctor or other members of the healthcare team. Inform the doctor if you anticipate any problem in the prescribed treatment or are considering alternative therapies.

  • Accept responsibility for the decisions you make regarding your treatment.

  • Abide by all hospital rules and regulations.