Hospital at a Glance

BAGH Hospital Building | Best hospital in vadodara

1. State of the art technology which stands with the values of BAGH

The modular Operating Theatre complex at BAGH is designed by specialists from Germany, setting a new benchmark in surgical infection prevention and control, and seamless surgical experience. The new OT complex gives a unique strength as being the first of its kind in the entire Western region.

2. Largest Accident and Emergency Centre

The Accident & Emergency center with dedicated Triage and Intensive care Observation facility and diagnostic support helps in early patient stabilization. The unit has accessibility to immediate resuscitation and therapeutic interventions. The Accident and Emergency unit is equipped with 10 beds to handle all kinds of case mix in an emergency with disaster management capabilities. The patient-centric approach gives an edge to BAGH for comprehensive care and treatment.

3. Holistic healing facilities

With a goal to advocate family-centered care, BAGH maintains an uplifting environment with green landscapes and a wide-view space accessible to natural sunlight to enable positive healing and energy flow. An experienced team of caregivers preserve the hygiene and cleanliness of the entire premises that act as a sanctuary to relieve patients from sickness and suffering.

4. Integrated Intensive Care Units

A 45-bed Integrated Critical Intensive Care Unit is equipped with wide cubicles, a dedicated isolation facility for correct critical care and monitoring of infection control for all our critically ill patients. The professional approach by the critical care nursing team maintains an excellent nurse to patient ratio which plays a vital role in early recovery and patient mobilization.

5. Quality and high-end inpatient rooms

Our large inpatient rooms and suites set us apart as a premium health facility. Our goal is to make your stay as comfortable as possible. For us it’s simple: Patient care always comes first, quality is always assured.