Day Care Services

Day-care also known as ambulatory care patient does not require an overnight hospital stay. Patients may enter and leave the facility on the same day.

At BAGH Day Care facility offering are for Dialysis, Chemotherapy, Endoscopy, Lithotripsy, Bronchoscopy, Cystoscopy, Sleep Studies and other Day-care Surgeries.

Following are the Advantages of Day-care surgeries to patients.

  •  Less time spent in the hospital – Decreased Length of Stay (LOS)
  •  Decreased risk of Hospital Acquired Infections.
  •  Minimal Disruption of routine life of patients and their family members.

The patients will be directly admitted, treated and discharged from the Day Care Centre, hence saving their precious time and long wait.

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Dialysis :

The Dialysis unit at BAGH has 14 patient beds. It is located at the first floor area near Blood Bank and is operational since early hours to late in the evening all days of the year. The Dialysis will be performed for patients based on scheduled appointments. Isolation facility have been provided for patients with a known history of transmissible infections

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Chemotherapy :

The Chemotherapy services at BAGH has trained and dedicated team with defined infrastructure for providing the chemo services. The Chemotherapy procedure will be performed based on scheduled appointments.

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Procedures/Day-care Surgeries :

BAGH has a 6 bed unit for observation and ambulatory care procedures (Day-care procedure). We have dedicated procedure rooms to perform Endoscopy, Lithotripsy, Bronchoscopy and Cystoscopy.