Emergency Care Centre in Vadodara


The golden hour refers to the first hour of emergency in any illnesses or major injury. Comprehensive medical support in the first hour could save lives and limbs. The care providers at BAGH recognize the importance of the golden hour and our trained to respond accordingly thus proffering optimum chances of survival and recovery.

The BAGH A & E Department is equipped with Level-1 Emergency and Trauma Care facilities as per international guidelines. The department is also supported with able team of trauma care professionals. From the time a patient is received, the team acts as a well-defined drill to stabilize the patient early.

Our A & E department is supported by the best surgeons capable of performing cutting edge procedures.

Poly Trauma cases requiring immediate surgical intervention are shifted to our dedicated state-of-the-art Modular Operating Theatre from HT, Germany.

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Services :

We at BAGH trust our medical practices and care protocols to deliver results every single time.

Our Experienced clinical teams are available round the clock to provide immediate treatment and interventions during emergency care. Our specialists hold vast experience and expertise which strengthen patients making us the preferred choice for emergency & trauma care centre of the region.

BAGH Department of Emergency Medicine and Trauma offers all kinds of emergency services management:

  •  Traumatic Brain Injury
  •  Poly Trauma injury
  •  Bone Fractures
  •  Respiratory Failure
  •  Heart Attack
  •  Brain Stroke
  •  Spontaneous Abortion
  •  Critical medical emergency
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Procedures :
  •  Triage and prioritisation care
  •  Disaster management
  •  Trauma and non-trauma care
  •  Mechanical ventilation
  •  Defibrillation & Synchronised Cardioversion Advanced Cardiac Life Support
  •  Haemodynamic support: Inotropes, anti-arrhythmic
  •  Emergency Nursing Care
  •  IV (intravenous) cannulation
  •  Intravenous therapy including blood transfusion
  •  Insertion of urinary catheters
  •  Acute/acute-on-chronic pain management.
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