Health Check-ups - FAQs

Q. How can I book an appointment?

You can schedule an appointment either online at or call us at +91 80 69707070 / 6776222 or mail us at

Q. When will I get the reports?

Your reports will usually be available either on the evening of the check up or, in some cases, on the following day and also will depend on the additional tests/consultations which are required to customize your package.

Q. How many doctors will I get to meet?

During the entire process, you will meet the General Physician twice, once before the process starts and once when all the test results are available. You may get a consultation with a Surgeon/Gynecologist and other Specialists depending on your requirements

Q. What is adult vaccination?

Vaccinations are not only beneficial for children, adults can also benefit from vaccines. For example, vaccines for adults are now available for diseases like Cervical cancer, which is the most common cause of cancer in India. There are also vaccines for Hepatitis and Flu. We will advice you on which vaccines you should take.

Q. I am suffering from a particular disease, what Health Check would you recommend? Will the Primary check-up cover that?

As a part of the Personalized Health Check you will meet senior doctors who will guide you on the most appropriate course of action on how to treat your existing ailments.

Q. Should I first see a doctor first and then go for a Health Check?

Doctor consultation is a part of the Personalized Health Check. The doctor will assess your condition and then refer you to a specialist if necessary.

Q. I feel healthy. Why would I require a Health Check?

Health Checks should not be reserved for when you are feeling unwell - they are a great way of ensuring that your general health is maintained. Some conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, some cancers may not produce any obvious physical symptoms, however early detection and treatment in some cases can help ensure that your heart remains healthy and that your risk of heart disease or stroke are greatly reduced.

Q. Is it true that I have to wait for a whole day to undergo a Health Check in the morning?

In a normal routine we may complete our full checkup in three to four hours. We also offer Express Health Check services which start at your home. You only visit the hospital for the consultation of your reports and save your precious time.